Explore Fun Activities at Munglu

Munglu offers you the chance to make lasting memories with friends and family. Come and be indulged in our fun activities.


Gather around and light a bonfire. Have a hearty conversation with friends and family as you relish the ambience at Munglu.

Nature Walks

Experience beautiful and serene ambience with our fun nature walks across the vast tract of Munglu land and its environs.


Hike your way up to the summits of the many hills in Homa Bay and make lasting memories with us.


Fancy a hand at archery? We are here to help. Come fill your quivers and shoot your shots with us. You just might be our next Green Arrow.

Waterbus Rides

The Waterbus! Oh, that wonderful ride. The beauty of Lake Victoria and the tranquility of the Waterbus ride is something to write home about.


Camping! Camping! Camping! Under the village night-sky. A starry night-sky with fresh rural air. You can only imagine. Come let us actualize your imagination.

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