The Munglu Community

At Munglu, we encourage you to slow down, savour the present, and enjoy the richness and quality of being alive.

We believe you should share your experiences and surround yourself with people who share your values.

We also believe you should relish in the kind of ecological aesthetics that Munglu has to offer.

Come visit us at Munglu Eco Village and find out how you can become a member of our community

Our Communal Activities

Honouring The Elderly

Let’s rethink how we care for our elders. At Munglu, we celebrate, integrate, and support our parents and grandparents.

Protecting The Ecosystem

We continue to protect our natural environment, waterways and wildlife habitats as we build our community.

Growing Organic Food

Our food primarily comes from the land where we live from an organic farm within the community.

Co-creating Dreams

Together we get to create the future we want to live in and the memories and experiences we want to share.

Our Community Gallery

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We are more than an Eco Village. We are a community. Call us today and be a part of that community.